Cloud-based Solutions

Cloud-based solutions are changing the way organisations work. There is no more need to spend precious investment funds on in-house servers and complex infrastructure technology. By working out in the cloud, you ensure that your organisation is flexible and cost efficient. You can respond to changing market needs, internal demands, and the arrival of new technologies very easily.

Our cloud solutions:

Cloud backup and storage:

Our Cloud backup solutions allow for  backing up of your data in the cloud.Our cloud backup services help enterprises archive data, for purposes of business continuity and recovery needs, as well as meeting regulatory compliance requirements.
Our Cloud Storage solutions allow for scalable  amount of online disk space that is secure, inexpensive, highly available  to store/backup/restore data.

Cloud E-mail security:

We provide cloud based / hosted e-mal anti-spam and e-mail anti-virus solutions, protecting your business from e-mail based threats and downtimes, using the most advanced multi-layered security technology to allow you concetrate on your core business activities.

Cloud Mail archiving:

Our easy and affordable cloud based e-mail archiving solution,  is quick and easy to implement and use.

Managed firewall / UTM service:

This hosted service, allows your business to aqcuire VPN, content filters, bandwidth management,etc as a amanaged service.

Cloud based anti-virus:

Our managed anti-virus service, allows you to deploy, monitor, manage, report and automatically fix virus threats on your network, by quickly configuring an agent on your servers and workstations.