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We distribute all Adobe suite of softwares, including Adobe Creative suite, Adobe Acrobat Pro, Macromedia products, among others. Contact us today to get a quote.



BitWork Technologies is a Microsoft certified partner, we can supply, support, and deploy all your Microsoft solutions for your organization.


vmwareBitWork Technologies is a VMware premier partner.

Organizations trust VMware enterprise desktop technology to manage and support the needs of their extended, global workforce while strengthening security and control over corporate resources and sensitive information. Trust VMware desktop virtualization solutions to increase desktop flexibility, security, and mobility.  From consumer virtualization products to enterprise desktop products, VMware is the recognized leader in desktop virtualization.

VMware desktop virtualization technology lets you run multiple operating systems on a single physical computer. Easily run Windows' applications on your Mac, including high end games and other graphic applications, with VMware Fusion . Run Windows and Linux applications on Windows or Linux PCs with the free VMware Player