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Reference Manager

Online Reference Searcher

Collect references from online and Web databases
Search ISI Web of Science, PubMed and Internet libraries worldwide from Reference Manager. Export references directly from Current Contents and Discovery Agent. Build your personal reference collection from hundreds of CD-ROM, Online and Web databases—reduce data entry.

Database Manager

Organize your personal reference collection easily
Organize your data using standard Windows tools in Reference Manager. Perform key operations across multiple databases. Run spell checker and syntax alerting to keep your references accurate —even customize your dictionaries. Create multiple links to the Web or files on your hard drive. Locate references in seconds, save search strategies for re-use later, and use our synonym editor for authors, keywords and periodicals. Customize your reference list display and edit records individually or globally.

Web Publisher

Publish your reference collection on the Web or an intranet
Make your Reference Manager databases available in a Web environment for yourself and others to access. Anyone with a Web browser can access your Web publisher site to search and create reference lists or export references (RIS and XML formats). Reference Manager’s Web publisher even allows you and others to add and edit references via the Web browser. Reference Manager provides a simple Web publishing tool and built-in Web server so you can post up to 15 databases in seconds.

Bibliography Builder

Format bibliographies instantly
Create bibliographies using Reference Manager with Instant Formatting—all you have to do is select references to cite.  Reference Manager takes care of formatting the bibliography in hundreds of journal styles—you can even create your own styles. Revise your manuscript as many times as needed—all within your word processor. A traveling library that contains cited reference data makes it easy to collaborate with colleagues on writing projects.

Easy Reference Sharing

Share references on a network edition
Take advantage of the only true multi-user network program in this category. When sharing databases with the network version of Reference Manager, multiple users can read and write to the same database down to the field level within the same bibliographic record. The network program is licensed based on either the number of workstations or on concurrent accesses to the program.


  • Reference Manager 12 Demo Download- Download a trial version here! (size: 39MB)-windows 2000/XP

Reference Management

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