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PRIMERGY Blade Servers
primergy blade servers

Companies and their business processes highly depend on their IT infrastructures. The demand of computing power increases continuously, similarly to the performance of IT systems which also increases year by year. Due to the increasing demand for computing power, a large number of server rooms are filled with underutilized hardware platforms. This makes today’s environment extremely complex and difficult to manage, leading to high costs due to personnel-intensive administration as well as for space.

The Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX blade servers satisfy all needs of branch offices, midmarket companies and enterprise data centers, complemented by a comprehensive offering of solutions and services. They provide simply a smarter way of setting up an IT infrastructure with more efficiency, flexibility and business continuity. The PRIMERGY BX system family is designed to share components within and between enclosures in order to react quickly and easily to changing business requirements. Server-, storage-, and connection blades can be added without any extra effort. Due to their modular design, the PRIMERGY BX blade servers offer compelling advantages such as high density and energy-efficiency, as well as the fail-safe and dynamic 24x7 operation. PRIMERGY BX blade servers are the perfect choice for today’s and tomorrow’s solutions, where the key demands are reliability, performance, and connectivity. They are designed from the ground-up for a broad range of applications, ranging from web or terminal servers up to high-performance databases. And as business requirements grow, PRIMERGY BX blade servers can easily accommodate the changes in volume, traffic and transactions.