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Physical or Virtual Email Security Appliance

GFI Mail essentials

GFI Software has delivered award-winning, server-based email security solutions for years. GFI MailEssentials Complete Appliance is built on that foundation and expertise, providing first-class email security to help administrators build a secure and scalable messaging infrastructure. MailEssentials Complete Appliance is part of GFI’s MailEssentials Complete family of products, offering the ultimate in deployment flexibility via a hosted online solution, on-premise software, virtual or hardware appliance or a hybrid of these options.


MailEssentials Complete Appliance delivers the performance that organizations deserve, providing both inbound and outbound protection from spam, viruses and malicious attachments. Leveraging top quality anti-spam and antivirus engines, MailEssentials Complete Appliance provides comprehensive security functionality – combining spam and virus protection, attachment filtering and corporate disclaimers in a robust and easy-to-manage platform.

Why use MailEssentials Complete Appliance?

  • Server-class hardware with three-year warranty
  • Commercial-grade software
  • Cloudmark™ anti-spam engine, GFI VIPRE® Antivirus engine
  • Flexible deployment – hardened or virtual appliance
  • Rapid deployment and simple ongoing management
  • Compatibility with any email system or operating system
  • Highly competitive pricing
  • Optimal email security at the best value