information security

RSA Data protection Manager

Deploy encryption, tokenization, and enterprise key management simply and affordably.

Secure sensitive data at the point of capture with encryption and/or tokenization to enable end-to-end data protection.
Application encryption and tokenization with RSA Data Protection Manager (formerly RSA Key Manager) secures data at the point of capture and provides the most granular level of control over sensitive information. A unique combination of encryption and tokenization offers true end-to-end protection while reducing the impact on operations.

RSA Data Protection Manager enables you to customize your data protection solution with encryption and tokenization capabilities. Leverage the operational efficiencies of tokenization and the performance benefits of encryption while protecting data directly at the application layer.

Features & Benefits

  • Hybrid deployment - Enable and manage both encryption and tokenization in the same platform; gain flexibility by tokenizing where you can for operational efficiency and encrypting where performance is critical.
  • Granular management - Configure application clients from the server to limit the types of function they can perform (i.e. some clients can only tokenize data while others can perform all functions).
  • Lifecycle management - Control key and token lifecycles in the server and customize rotation schedules.
  • Token formatting - Customize token formats to preserve a portion of the original information or to include a specific prefix or suffix value.
  • Simple GUI - Work within your existing development infrastructure to customize token formats and set up roles and responsibilities.
  • Audit compliance - Remove data from audit scope with true tokenization which, unlike format-preserving encryption, does not require encryption keys to be managed.
  • Increased security - Enable granular client permissions and control over key and token lifecycles, resulting in greater security than any other data protection method.
  • Lower TCO - Set up and configure encryption and tokenization commands with a simple management interface, making it less costly for administrators to manage the infrastructure.