information security

PGP Encryption solutions


PGP Whole Disk Encryption

PGP Whole Disk Encryption provides organizations with comprehensive, platform-independent, and high performance full disk encryption for all data (user files, swap files, system files, hidden files, etc.) on desktops, laptops, and removable media.

PGP Endpoint Device Control

PGP® Endpoint Device Control provides built-in security that detects, authorizes, and secures removable storage devices and media (such as USB drives, CDs, and DVDs).

PGP Endpoint Application Control

PGP® Endpoint Application Control provides granular, policy-based enforcement of application use to proactively secure endpoints from data leakage, malware, spyware, keyloggers, Trojans, rootkits, worms and viruses, zero-day threats and unwanted or unlicensed software. With PGP Endpoint Application Control, administrators can centrally manage, monitor, and control applications with a whitelist approach that allows only authorized applications to run, ensuring no unwanted or unlicensed software will execute on the corporate network and disrupt business.

PGP Portable

Protect any device or any media–Software-based encryption for any removable storage device or optical media. Patent-pending extension to validated and trusted AES 256-bit PGP® Virtual Disk technology.  Share, distribute, collaborate–Access encrypted data on both Microsoft® Windows and Apple® Mac OS X without installing additional software. Provides in-place viewing and editing without altering the native user experience.  Integrates easily with enterprise workflow–Provides support for automation and provisioning. Passphrase management and corporate access to data enable security and compliance without disrupting user productivity.

PGP NetShare

PGP® NetShare enables teams to securely share documents on file servers by automatically and transparently encrypting the files for fine-grained group access. This approach ensures that only authorized users can read or modify files, fulfilling partner and regulatory requirements for information partitioning and security.

PGP Email Solutions

PGP's comprehensive suite of email encryption products enables companies to customize their email protection to best meet business needs. PGP gateway, end-to-end, and clientless solutions can work standalone or in combination. They also work unmanaged or centrally managed and policy based using PGP Universal™ Server. PGP® solutions are standards based to offer a high level of interoperability with recipient's encryption solutions.
PGP email encryption solutions include:

  • PGP® Universal™ Gateway Email – Secure emails going external to the company, even to recipients without encryption software
  • PGP® PDF Messenger – Secure communications to large groups of customers or partners, such as monthly statement delivery, even to recipients without encryption software


  • PGP® Desktop Email – Enable end-to-end secure emails starting right from the sender's laptop or desktop computer
  • PGP® Mobile – Protect email and data on Windows Mobile® smartphones
  • PGP® Support Package for BlackBerry® – Extend PGP email security to BlackBerry smartphones