information security

RSA Data Loss Prevention Suite


Enhance security operations and simplify compliance with the powerful integration of RSA enVision and the RSA Data Loss Prevention Suite.

The combination of security information and event management (SIEM) and data loss prevention (DLP) enhances the ability of organizations to effectively respond to high-risk events, mitigate the impact of security incidents, and simplify the auditing process.

The integration of the RSA enVision platform and the RSA Data Loss Prevention Suite combines powerful analysis, correlation, and reporting features with comprehensive data discovery capabilities to provide organizations with a single pane of glass for alerting, responding to, and investigating security incidents.

The addition of content-aware data discovery offered by the RSA DLP Suite to traditional auditing and log management methods offered through RSA enVision enables organizations to:

  • Gain critical insight into where their sensitive data lives, how well it is being protected, and how it is being used
  • Fine-tune security policies and controls based on where sensitive data resides and what systems are most vulnerable
  • Prioritize security incidents based on the value and type of data affected
  • Report on access more effectively to simplify auditing requirements

Key Benefits

Minimize security risk. By enabling earlier detection of security threats and the specific information that may have been compromised or subject to unauthorized access, organizations can prioritize incidents more effectively and reduce the impact of security incidents.

Reduce IT costs. An integration reduces IT costs as analysts would not require training in two separate products. Also, by enabling analysts to take on more responsibility, it can help free up personnel to work on other mission critical projects.

Streamline compliance. Instead of having to report on every single system, server and file, organizations can streamline the auditing process by creating relevant reports based on where sensitive data resides, the users accessing it and what they are doing with it.

SIEM and DLP Integration: Utilizing Log Data for Data Loss Prevention
According to the SANS Annual 2009 Log Management Survey, nearly 30 percent of IT professionals stated they collected log data to prevent information from being leaked, demonstrating a growing interest in utilizing logs for information-centric protections.