information security

Avatier Identity Management Suite (AIMS)

Password management

A major area for improvement of corporate process, security and efficiency is the implementation of a solution that automates self-service approach to management of user account passwords.

One of the largest corporate overheads are the costs associated with user calls to corporate help desk facilities in order to reset their passwords or unlock their accounts due to forgotten passwords.

Using Avatier innovative software one can perform a self-service password reset, meaning there is no need for employees to call a help desk and wait for a technician to reset their password, a costly process that can take a long time.

Avatier is develops integrated password-reset solutions that combine strong password policies with secure, self-service password reset and cross platform synchronization so organizations can meet their security needs while actually improving efficiency and productivity.

Avatier Password station

password station
Avatier Password Station allows your employees to securely reset their own forgotten password in a matter of seconds from anywhere or anytime using a web browser or Avatier’s automated telephone system without calling the help desk.

By reducing help desk calls your organization will save a significant, and easily measurable, amount of money. Furthermore, Avatier Password Station does not require an army of consultants to deploy. Now you can quickly eliminate your #1 help desk call by installing Avatier's Password Station on your web server in a matter of minutes without any consulting service fees.

Strategic Benefits:

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Increase security and accountability
  • Enable strong password enforcement
  • Facilitate security compliance
  • Ensure employee privacy
  • Increase productivity


Avatier Password Bouncer

password bounder
Avatier Password Bouncer eliminates all weak passwords from being used by your end users as old passwords expire and new ones are entered. Password Bouncer can prevent even the most minor network compromise and will immediately result in savings that far offset the total cost of the product.

Strategic Benefits:

  • Improve security
  • Provides continuous network protection
  • Delivers immediate enterprise protection
  • Installs in minutes
  • Rapid return on investment
  • Improve total cost of ownership