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Analyze, graph and present your data

Surfer is a full-function 3D surface modeling package.  The sophisticated interpolation engine transforms your scattered X,Y,Z data into publication-quality maps.  Surfer excels at creating contour, vector, shaded relief, image, post, and 3D wireframe maps.  Multiple maps can be overlaid to quickly identify trends in your data.  A powerful worksheet and extensive import capabilities make it easy to import your data.  Surfer is used extensively for terrain modeling, landscape visualization, surface analysis, gridding, volumetrics, 2D map generation, and much, much more.

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Gain deeper insight into your data

Grapher is a graphing package designed for use by scientists, engineers, and business professionals. If you need to make graphs quickly and easily, Grapher is meant for you! From your data file, use Grapher to create 40 different 2D and 3D graph types. Grapher gives you full-control over all graphing parameters.

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Eliminate subsurface uncertainty

Eliminate subsurface uncertainty. Achieve insight and clarity by transforming raw, subsurface data into understandable well logs, borehole models, and cross sections/profiles. Easily create professional geotechnical reports that clearly communicate important information with Strater.

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Power forward into 3D visualization

Model data with striking clarity in every dimension. With Voxler’s extensive 3D modeling tools, it is easy to visualize multi-component data for geologic and geophysical models, contamination plumes, LiDAR point cloud, borehole models, or ore body deposit models. Distinguish areas of interest, highlight important information, and easily communicate your newfound knowledge to stakeholders in three dimensions.

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Map Viewer
Make the most of your spatial data

Make the most out of your data. Quickly produce publication-quality maps with MapViewer’s extensive thematic mapping and spatial analysis features. Distinguish patterns and trends in your data, understand the spatial relationship, and give clients and stakeholders the information they need.

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Amp up your geoprocessing toolbox

Don’t be limited by static data formats. Didger’s comprehensive digitizing, georeferencing, reprojection, tiling, and mosaicking features transform paper maps, graphs, photographs, and well logs into dynamic digital formats. Didger is a must-have tool for anyone working with inconsistent data formats.

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